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Four Ways to Develop Courage as a Leader

Do you have enough courage to keep moving toward the dreams you have for your personal life or business? Remember that we either bring our dreams to the grave with us or have the courage to live them. Here are four principles to develop courage in your life and business:

1 – Believe that God is with you wherever you go

By working with the greatest Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA athletes of the world I learned that courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is to have the faith that our God is bigger than any challenge or threat we may have in our lives. 

Courage is to have the boldness to look your fears in the eyes and remember our God is with us wherever we go. Courage is to realize that nothing has the power to touch our lives without God’s permission.

2 – Just do it. We only live once!

The next time the thought of fear appears in your mind, make sure to have faith God is with you guiding, protecting, and providing for every step. 

The best way to defeat your fears is to have the courage, commitment, and determination to take the necessary actions you need to overcome a specific fear. 

For example, if you fear public speaking, ask yourself what is the real motive preventing you to take action? Is it a lack of knowledge on the subject you will speak about it? Is it your physical appearance? Is it a lack of experience? What is causing your fear of public speaking? Once you identify, you need the commitment to take action and improve in these areas. The more you practice, the more confidence, and experience you will have. Just do it, we just live once!

3 – Don’t be afraid to fail – Learn and keep growing 

Also, it is very important to keep in mind you are a human being! You will fail, have disappointments, mistakes, and pain in your life; this is called being human! Once you accept this fact and stop being afraid of failures and mistakes you will have along the way, you are ready to relax, have more fun in the process to become a better person, a better spouse, a better parent, a better professional. You will seize every opportunity to keep learning and growing in your life. 

4 – Keep moving forward – your success can be just around the corner.

Have faith in God, recognize you are an imperfect human being and that most of your fears will never become reality, are the first steps to have the courage to keep moving forward toward your calling and dreams God has placed in your heart. Remember: your dreams can be just around the corner.

Once live by these biblical truths, we are ready to face and overcome FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) in our lives. We realize that most of our fears never happens in the real world. It starts and ends in our minds, our fears increase our level of anxiety and prevent us to become all God created us to become. 

business idea, planning, business plan

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