The DNA Method

Based on extensive research in the areas of Human Development, Neurosciences, Leadership and High-Performance the DNA Method was created to maximize human performance. C-Level Executives, Entrepreneurs and Pastors have experienced and endorsed the benefits and results of the DNA. Soccer Athletes and Coaches  have successfully applied the concepts, technologies and tools of the DNA Method. MMA legends André Galvão, Cris Cyborg and Fabrício Werdum have used the DNA to maximize their performance and achieve extraordinary results. The same concepts, principles and tools used with world champions and global leaders to maximize their performance is what you will find with the DNA Method framework, principles and tools.

The DNA Method focus on four main areas of Human Performance:

Spiritual Growth

The DNA Method will help you increase your faith and believe in yourself. It will help you gain the courage to transform your calling into a purposeful life full of hope, inner peace and perseverance.

Personal Leadership

The DNA Method will help you increase your level of commitment and personal responsibility to make conscious and intentional daily choices. It will bring your decision making process, problem-solving abilities and communication skills to a higher level.

High Performance

The DNA Method will help you increase your level of awareness, confidence, focus and resilience to the next level. It will help you manage your thoughts-emotions process, create new habits and develop the mindset of a champion.


The DNA Method will help you become more present and grateful regardless of the circumstances you are experiencing in life. It will help you achieve the state of flow and give your best, while enjoying your journey.

What is the DNA?

The DNA Method will encourage, develop and maximize your performance. It will help you turn your calling into a purposeful life. It will increase your awareness, confidence, and focus to the next level. The DNA will provide tools to renew your mind, create new habits and enjoy your journey.

Eric Faro

Eric Faro

Eric Faro is an American-Brazilian author, speaker and entrepreneur. He has an extraordinary love for God, life, sports, and people. He created the DNA Method to share his passion and help YOU to answer your calling,  maximize your performance and live a purposeful life.

Eric is the author of “The DNA of High-Performance Leadership: 5 Daily Necessary Actions to Live the Extraordinary” and the creator of the DNA High-Performance Leadership Model. He is an expert in the fields of leadership and high performance, with extensive experience in performance psychology and human development.

From Miami to California or from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo Eric spends his days inspiring, encouraging and developing  people to live up to their full potential and maximize their performance.