Maximize Human Performance.

God is calling you to live the extraordinary.

Maximize your Performance

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Use the DNA Method to maximize your individual performance. Find purpose, renew your mind, gain more confidence, increase your focus, create new habits, and achieve your personal and professional goals.
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Use the DNA Method to maximize your team performance. Create an environment of high-level commitment, build trust and develop personal accountability toward team and organizational goals.

Rave Reviews

André Galvão
“In all competitions I worked with coach Eric, I had success and won all the battles, and so far has been 100% successful. Confidence, self-control, personal leadership and motivation are key pieces on the day of a champion , and these principles were developed during each camp.”

André Galvão
5x ADCC World Champion 5x Black Belt World Champion Atos Jiu Jitsu - San Diego, CA
Cris Cyborg
"Eric helped me to strengthen my confidence, increase my focus and maximize my performance as a fighter. He is a peak performance specialist and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get to the next level of performance."

Cris Cyborg
The only MMA fighter in history, male or female, to become a Grand Slam Champion, holding world championships across four major mixed martial arts promotions.


Are you trying to improve your performance, but you don’t know where to start? To arrive at any desired destination, you must first be aware of your current position.

Our General Performance Situation (GPS) is an effective tool which will give you a general idea about your current position in unique areas of your performance. Start now and identify the areas you need to improve.

The DNA Method of
High Performance Leadership

The DNA Method will help you embrace your God-given calling and live with passion.

It will help you gain the courage and strength to live a purposeful and intentional life.

It will help you become more confident, committed and focused on your mission.

It will help you align your decisions with your core values and main roles.

It will help you get into the flow and achieve peak performance.

It will help you develop and grateful and joyful mindset.

DNA Method

“An inspirational book with practical tools to help
you transform God’s plan into
an Extraordinary Life.”

Miles McPherson

Former NFL Professional Player and
Senior Pastor of the Rock Church-San Diego, CA.